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The ultimate indulgence in five flavors.

Welcome to 4 C's Cookies & More and thank you for visiting our site!

At 4 C's Cookies & More, we have taken basic cookie flavors (& some not so basic) and created the ultimate indulgence of a gourmet cookie.  People are always looking for that something different, unique and special, well look at 4 C's Cookies. A cookie made without cookie cutters, infused with flavor, sweetened with coconut oil transforms the ordinary into the ultimate indulgence, now that's different.

  • 4 C's Cookies & More (a wholesale producer) is licensed by the Michigan Dept. of  Agriculture and we are producing our cookies in Hersey Mi
  • Our Cookies are individually packaged with UPC codes and sold by the case
  • All Cookies are baked fresh to order and will be stocked and distributed by 4 C's Cookies & More
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